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The Prince of Beasts


19 Year old gender fluid child pansexual, panromantic, fuzzy artist thing. Goes by male pronouns.

♥[[With the beautiful Julhipette I love her so much ♥u♥]]♥

This is my personal/art blog. I reblog fanart and things to speak to people, so you'll see a lot of me talking. But I also do a lot of my own artwork. I draw lots of crap. Lots of NSFW including guro, vore, and porn. There are a lot of sketches and finished art. I mainly draw my Mabinogi OCs/ Lucid Dream/Numinous Dream, and Loukata OCs. You'll see occasional animations and comic panels here and there. Again NSFW of ALL kinds from little to noncon/dubcon. You have been warned.

I think I'm decently friendly so feel free to send asks/fanmail and I'll reply. Or hit me up in games/livestreams/yatta yatta. ;>

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Mmmmmmmm ;)

I forgot to mention I finished this— I just did bare minimum since I just needed it for the side which is why there’s a lack of arm and stomach LOL….

WIP YEAH. Make this look decent or something.

A valentines day card of angry Nekyua yes

So I’m thinking of dying my hair again and trying to do white again. I got some other hair dye that’s like dark purplish too I believe idk I bought it few days ago. Ignore that I always like to draw myself as Nekyua hehehe.

Moerr Ia Ja’Ri

Moerr Oa Niao

Shao. Roah.

Ixini. Itae.

Horano. Yoru.










Ok it’s wayyy too late I didn’t mean to stay up this late WHY. A quickie that I’ll work on later. Nekyua and Lovrell

I also never finished this— I never finish like any of my animations LOL they’re so bad— this was supposed to be some stupid cute thing between Nekyua and Lovrell hoi hoi hoi

As in— I will continue drawing these when I awake LOL. 

Where are you my sweet Lovrell. Take me home take me home take me home take me home. Can you pull me out of the dark?


A͈̣̼̫͓K̹̫̤͎͓͟U͍͎̠̰ ̪̪̰͕̠W̯̜̠͎̘O̯̝͕̝ ̮̞̝̬̠̕ͅẔ̲̜̹A͓̠͓͙R̳͔̗R͎͖͇̗͞A͉

One day you will be Altea. Settle for Navarrus.

Sit down and shut up Nekyua you’re letting your true colors show ya piece of shit.