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The Prince of Beasts


19 Year old gender fluid child pansexual, panromantic, fuzzy artist thing. Goes by male pronouns.

♥[[With the beautiful Julhipette I love her so much ♥u♥]]♥

This is my personal/art blog. I reblog fanart and things to speak to people, so you'll see a lot of me talking. But I also do a lot of my own artwork. I draw lots of crap. Lots of NSFW including guro, vore, and porn. There are a lot of sketches and finished art. I mainly draw my Mabinogi OCs/ Lucid Dream/Numinous Dream, and Loukata OCs. You'll see occasional animations and comic panels here and there. Again NSFW of ALL kinds from little to noncon/dubcon. You have been warned.

I think I'm decently friendly so feel free to send asks/fanmail and I'll reply. Or hit me up in games/livestreams/yatta yatta. ;>

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