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Oh god my laptop just came in and the colors are making me confused— it’s too bad I don’t have one of those nifty thingies (Spyder I think?) to fix the colors @_@. This thing is still beautiful though.


The Mabinogi Summer Festival is starting NOW!

The Summer Festival is a roleplay event taking place in Port Ceann From July 25 to August 22. This event does not take place in-game; all roleplay will be on tumblr in the mabisummerfest tag.

How to join the roleplay: 

To start, you may first post that your character has arrived the festival. What preparations do he or she have to make, and what do they do once they arrive? Once there, pay attention to the tag to see who else is at the festival.

You may roleplay with anybody, but please be courteous and do not do anything that is outside of your boundaries - you should ask a person to roleplay with you before you start.

Along with other guests, you may also interact with the different activities available at the festival.  Please check the map provided on the mabinogi festivities page to learn what exactly we have at the event and where!

The Surfing Contest is also starting!

Anyone may join, but only those who have signed up can win the 10k NX prize. 

Grab your surfboards and run straight to the beach, cause we’re starting the day immediately with the surfing contest! All contestants should line up at the center of the beach, there will be a nice line made of sticks waiting for you. Your host Oonthe will be there soon to send you off into the sea! (He’ll be small, and you may confuse him for a walking fish, but look for the ID around his neck and whistle.)

Here is the registration information sheet. Registrations have been extended to end on July 27th.

Any questions can be directed to our inbox, but you can also interact with the NPC feature on our page and open the guidebook to get more information (or just fuck around and talk to the NPC with the keywords we gave, but there’s not many right now because I can’t think of anything)

One more thing, event hosts can be recognized with a PURPLE ID CARD and activity hosts can be recognized with an ORANGE ID CARD, so your character will never get confused unless they’re blind or something.

Thank you and we hope to see you at the festival!

Your hosts,

Oonthe, Ishiki, Hiro, and Milreaf


PLEASE HELP! My dog Princess had to go to the vet today. She is in CONSTANT pain, cant walk, has a tooth lose, cant eat or drink, is constantly screaming and whimpering, and we dont know why. She cant move her head because she has damage to her neck and her nerves are going CRAZY.
We suspect that she jumped off of a high place and landed on her head. Her medicines are expensive and i didn’t have enough to get an MRI or Xray, which i really regret. So I’m hoping to get commissions to change that!

Full body: 35$ (will give light background or background items)

Bust: 25$

Payment: PAYPAL ONLY!!


If you dont have enough for a commission, any DONATION is also welcome!! Q______________Q Please help if you can!!

(via triangledays)


Commission of Nekyu for the very lovely Nekyua (who is an awesome artist so check his stuff out!!!) 

Had a great time drawing this portrait, the ears, the crazy cool horns and the colours *U* so much to love! :D <3 <3 <3

Again thank you so much aahhhh qAq money very well spent!! All my followers should go check (and totally commission :^) out triangledays ^^^^^^^^ omg I’m gushing over this I’m so happy aahhh ;o;