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The Prince of Beasts


19 Year old gender fluid child pansexual, panromantic, fuzzy artist thing. Goes by male pronouns.

♥[[With the beautiful Julhipette I love her so much ♥u♥]]♥

This is my personal/art blog. I reblog fanart and things to speak to people, so you'll see a lot of me talking. But I also do a lot of my own artwork. I draw lots of crap. Lots of NSFW including guro, vore, and porn. There are a lot of sketches and finished art. I mainly draw my Mabinogi OCs/ Lucid Dream/Numinous Dream, and Loukata OCs. You'll see occasional animations and comic panels here and there. Again NSFW of ALL kinds from little to noncon/dubcon. You have been warned.

I think I'm decently friendly so feel free to send asks/fanmail and I'll reply. Or hit me up in games/livestreams/yatta yatta. ;>

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Anonymous says: YOU GO T DIDNE WORL?

yEA dIdnEy woeeeerrllllllllll ! !!

16.5 Hours of Disneyland….. yeEAHHHH

Missy adds the best comments on my posts also xoxo i miss ya’ll too

Didneylaaaaannnnnddddd yaaaahhhooooooo

assgrghfh my babu xoxo


casually uses someone else’s oc to practice one-layer doodles.


Alil belongs to nekyua

selfjesfsojejfse my babyyyyyu you did really well for one layerv;) and asdfadsd alilllollll


a lil’ (pun intended don’t punch melol )comic doodle thing i did few days ago but just inked today a gfdk gfdgd.

feat. nekyua's alil ´q`;;;.. still surprised they have both have the same age but hatto still looks like a kid aeyhwehs;;

lil thingie for mom xoxoxo yes  ‘#v#’)~

ascdakjfjds nd aaaaaaaaaa smooches your face ((also his whole name is just an accidental but fitting pun))

Anonymous says: im not really into furry or any kind but holy shit your art is really good ;)))

Aasgssdkf thank you xoxo

Describe my art style to me



I dont usually do these, but im pretty curious, considering I have difficulty describing/defining my own style.

go ahead and do it

I’ll do it for whoever I see on my dash or reblogs it from me

(Source: mysteryroach)

At like 2am i played Just Dance and we did Careless Whispers and i thought of Lemmy xoxo looool


nekyua's Sclaera!

So freking cute!
Nekyu said we could fanart so i fanarted!! (i almost said i farted a fanart)

I’m sorry if i got the markings wrongs ; v; but its so pretty i just… i oopsied ; v;


Also you said they were giant tree people? i think… so tiny birds for the giant tree person! i wanted them tinier but i made my canvas too small and they looked like blobs instead of birds orz

Adksjdjfkskhrjvfjdkcjtjjjd smooches your face aaaaaaaa
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