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Take a guess on what I’m working on. Slowly but surely. I’ll be definitely grinding on all of these with my might in between all the things I do in person. A lot of this week is taken by events and appointments of sorts with different people (plus hanging out that counts yeah) So yeah. I definitely want to get 10 pages done before the end of this month though? I’m almost halfway through… If I can push through one or two more panels then it’s going to get much more exciting for me to draw. I hope in the end the long wait will be worth it. I’m working on specific sizes and stuff too so in the future I can print it out.


(Wow, I actually got around to making a proper post.)

I have time between classes to draw (those are the only times I’m going to be drawing), so I figured I might as well be productive with it (and try to get money for food and school stuff, hah).

For more information and samples, see my submit page! Priority is on icons and chibis at the moment since they’re the ones I can do in one sitting.

In regards to icons and chibis: I’m also taking payment in Cat’s Eyes (Ruairi server only) since I don’t really have the time to farm for them.

Thanks for reading! /o/

oops the bg color flashes

Anyways, I don’t talk much, but if anyone generally needs me during the weekend they should know I’ll be gone all weekend starting right now. I’ll be around on and off on twitter but that’s about it.


Hello there everyone, my name is Chelsea Rose.
Well I guess I will tell you a little about myself. I was born on the east coast of the US on a town by the bay. I have always grown up in areas by water or a lot of nature so I suppose I am not to used to city life. I tend to be anti social and embarrassed easily but normally I put on a strong front. I have problems with remembering to talk to my friends so sometimes it seems like I am bored with them. That being said I get into a lot of trouble… I tend to be misunderstood a lot because I am a huge klutz with my words ; ; Hopefully I will be able to get along with you all~!

Things are kinda tight so any support would be nice…

Generally to click and see a higher resolution of the drawings made for [[♥]]


Like Mistreil mentioned with her new post, Mistreil and Nekyu will be living together for a while. I’ll also be starting to work on asks soon again. 

Also, if you don’t click the pictures and read the captions you’re really missing out. And here’s some of my favorite written bits of the RP B)

… There was no winning, was there? 

Yes, please come to our home. Let me play, let me eat, your sweet sweet meat. Just keep going… walking…

… She’d probably regret asking. But… Maybe, just maybe, she could do something.

She’d protect people like this, if even only for a little while. How long would a little while be, though? 

Ohhh my Mistreil. 

Fall smoothly into my arms. Or well, arm. You’re mine now.