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((That the festivities ends tonight(?), Midnight, PST.

Edit: there seems to be huge amounts of confusion right now

one of the hosts says “Tonight”, but all the participants are really confused because of how the other dates are laid out, theres no definite date except “this date at midnight” which is actually 2 different dates whats goin g on ??????? Better safe than sorry I guess.))

The summer festival ends TOMORROW, August 27th, 11:59 PM PST. I apologize that there was a confusion with the dates as the exact time was not given.

It’s PREFERRED that you finish your roleplay in time, but if you do not, it’s okay. You can finish your summerfest roleplays past the end date of the event and I will still be keeping track of them all and reading everything (idk if other people will but I will cuz thats my job o/)